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Ex-KT chairman to be questioned over hiring irregularities

The prosecution is set to call in Lee Suk-chae, former chairman of telecom firm KT Corp., for questioning over allegations that job favors were given to a high-profile opposition lawmaker’s daughter.


Lee is at the center of allegations that preferential treatment was given to job applicants with ties to powerful figures -- including the daughter of Rep. Kim Sung-tae of the Liberty Party Korea -- in hiring at KT.

The Southern District Prosecutors’ Office said Wednesday that nine cases of hiring irregularities at KT in 2012 have been confirmed and some of those involved in the allegations have admitted to the charges. 

An arrest warrant was sought for Seo Yu-yeol, who was an executive president in late 2012, on the charge that he used his authority to hire six people, including Kim’s daughter, as full-time employees. The Liberty Korea Party was the ruling party at the time.

The prosecution has arrested a former KT executive in charge of personnel affairs, surnamed Kim, for involvement in the illicit hiring of Kim’s daughter.

The prosecution is investigating a series of allegations surrounding KT.

Fresh allegations have recently surfaced that incumbent KT chief Hwang Chang-gyu operated a de facto lobby group of influential figures with connections to the then-Park Geun-hye administration and paid them huge sums of money.

Hwang is also suspected of creating a slush fund and using the names of his employees to make illicit donations to some 99 politicians between May 2014 and October 2017. 

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