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More pets travel in, out of Korea

Travel-related industries adapt to trend, expanding pet-friendly services

With the idea of traveling with pets (companion animals) is becoming the norm, travel-related industries are welcoming pet owners and their pets by launching related services.

The number of service animals on flights has been increasing significantly in recent years.

According to the Ministry of Land and Transportation, in 2017, 41,343 pets were carried on planes, marking a 46.7 percent increase from 28,182 of 2015. Compared with 33,437 of 2016, it is a 23.6 percent increase.

Reflecting the trend, more air carriers are targeting pet owners. Jeju Air joined hands with a pet hotel near the Incheon International Airport, providing accommodation services at a lower price.

Korean Air offers its SkyPets service for customers who wish to board flights with their pets. Customers with pets earn stamps and depending on the number of collected stamps, they can receive various benefits, including discounts and free giveaways.

Also, more hotels are presenting themselves as pet-friendly hotels. Daemyung Hotel & Resort recently announced plans to run more accomodation services related to pets. It is to launch a pet hotel, too.

L‘Escape, a boutique hotel run by Shinsegae, has 14 rooms designated for pet owners. The rooms do not have carpets, in consideration of health issues related to pets. Pet guests are allowed access to the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, which has a separate zone for furry friends.


Major brand hotels, such as the Four Seasons Hotel and Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel, are also pet-friendly hotels, allowing up to two pets per guest.

Pet-specialized travel service is also a booming market. For example, Pets Go Travel is a pet-specialized travel agency here, which regularly presents trip deals for pet owners and their pets, providing car service and necessary accessories.

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