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IBK jubilant over ‘Extreme Job’ success

Industrial Bank of Korea now has a record-breaking film on its movie investment list, with “Extreme Job” having drawn over 12 million moviegoers as of Sunday.

IBK invested some 800 million won ($711,000) in the movie, including indirect investment of 100 million won and 700 million won directly, accounting for about 12 percent of the total production cost of 6.5 billion won, according to industry sources.

(CJ Entertainment)
(CJ Entertainment)

“Extreme Job” surpassed its breakeven point of 2 million viewers four days after its release on Jan. 23. According to the Korean Film Council, the movie became the Korean box office’s top comedy film of all time with over 12.8 million viewers, as it also surpassed 100 billion won in ticket sales Sunday.

IBK finished with a winning record in its movie investments for 2018, with nine of the 17 films it invested in surpassing the breakeven point last year.

The “Along With the Gods” film series, in which the bank invested some 2 billion won, has proved a megahit, attracting over 10 million moviegoers each.

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