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Fashion goods popular for relieving holiday stress: survey

Four in 10 married South Koreans said they would like to receive gifts related to fashion from their spouse to relieve holiday stress, a survey showed Thursday.

According to the survey conducted by an online shopping site Auction, 71 percent of some 500 respondents said they wish to give a present for their spouse who worked hard over the holiday to prepare for family gatherings and traditional rituals.


Fashion gifts including clothing, bags and jewelry took up 39 percent, being the most favored gift to give to the spouse while other 22 percent chose health related supplies.

The most wanted present from the spouse also turned out to be fashion goods, while travel vouchers took second place by 18 percent. Health related gifts came on third followed by leisure supplies.

Meanwhile, daily necessities turned out to be the least favored gift to recieve from the spouse. 

By Kim Hye-soo (