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Ahyeon redevelopment union to compensate mother of deceased evictee

The Ahyeon redevelopment union, which is overseeing a controversial project in a neighborhood within the Mapo area of Seoul, has decided to compensate the mother of Park Jun-kyung, who took his own life after he and his mother were evicted from their home during the redevelopment process.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on Thursday, the union and a committee consisting of evicted Ahyeon residents reached an agreement Wednesday. The agreement includes the union helping with Park’s funeral expenses and paying additional compensation to his mother. Seoul City and Mapo-gu will offer Park’s mother a rental home as well. 

A member of a comittee consisting of evicted Ahyeon residents holds a picture of a deceased evictee Park Jun-kyung. (Yonhap)
A member of a comittee consisting of evicted Ahyeon residents holds a picture of a deceased evictee Park Jun-kyung. (Yonhap)

For the three remaining households whose members refuse to move out, the union decided to help them find rental homes. In return, the committee will withdraw legal action filed against the union and officials with the Mapo-gu Office.

The 37-year-old Park and his mother, who had lived in a rented home in Ahyeon, were forced out in September 2018. Park and his mother were badly bruised as they were dragged from the home during the eviction, committee leader Lee Kwang-nam said Dec. 15 at a memorial ceremony for Park.

On Dec. 18, the committee filed complaints against the union’s leader and those who carried out the eviction, saying they violated the Security Services Industry Act. They also accused a government officer with the Mapo-gu Office, who was in charge of the redevelopment, of dereliction of duty.

Park lived in vacant houses for three months, but his temporary dwelling was demolished Nov. 30. Park was found dead in the Han River on Dec. 4.

In a suicide note, Park said he had decided to take his own life after spending three days on the streets in the cold winter weather. He added that he hoped his mother could live in a rented home after his death.

Seoul City is investigating the relevant department within the Mapo-gu Office, as well as the redevelopment union, to determine whether any laws were broken during the eviction process.

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