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Lotte World to showcase world’s largest VR ride

South Korea’s Lotte World Adventure is to launch a virtual reality ride that can hold 100 people to coincide with its 30th anniversary in late January next year, the company said Monday.

The VR attraction, which the park says will be the largest in the world in terms of capacity, will be called “Across Dark” and take on a blockbuster cinematic VR format featuring a space adventure. It is a renewed version of its original ride Dynamic Theater.

(Lotte World)
(Lotte World)

For variation, visitors can choose between VR or 3D experience with two different conclusions to the adventure, the company said.

“We are to focus on developing new and latest technology to provide a theme park that no one has experienced,” said Park Dong-gi, CEO of Lotte World.

By Yoon Yeun-jung(