Yak-kong Soymilk proves popular as healthy, low-calorie drink

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Dec 17, 2018 - 16:48
  • Updated : Dec 17, 2018 - 17:46

Yak-kong Soymilk, which uses a small black bean base grown in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province, is garnering attention as a healthy, low-calorie drink. 

Yak-kong Soymilk (Agency for Functional-Medicinal Soymilk)

According to the company, all of its products are manufactured with 100 percent pure ingredients without any food additives or sugar. 

Most of the products are around 70 calories and are popular among dieters and those who want to stay fit, the company said. Yak-kong Soymilk’s manufacturer, Agency for Functional-Medicinal Soymilk, makes Yak-kong Soymilk jointly with Seoul Nation University and uses the school’s name for a premium brand soymilk. 

By completing the production line in June 2017, the company said up to 33,000 packs of soymilk products are manufactured on a daily basis. 

The company has also launched soymilk products targeting specific audiences, such as a soymilk for mothers that uses a mountain-cultivated ginseng base and another soymilk for babies. It has diversified the product lineup as well as sales channels by manufacturing soymilk chocolate and selling via online and offline retailers. 

The company said it has contributed to revitalizing the local economy by signing a contract with bean farms for 140 tons of soya cultivation. That comes out to some 1 billion won ($880,000) in yearly profits for farmers, according to the company. 

“Under the business motto to create safe and trustworthy food products, our company will continue to do our best with sincerity and responsibility, as well as push ahead with product development and premium branding,” said Agency for Functional-Medicinal Soymilk CEO Song Won-jong. 

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