[Global Financial Awards] Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance packages break boundaries

By Cho Chung-un


  • Published : Nov 28, 2018 - 15:29
  • Updated : Nov 28, 2018 - 15:48

Subscribing to a premium insurance program is not easy, even for a healthy person, if one has a record of treatment for a major health problem.

But Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, a major insurance company in South Korea, has introduced a new package that covers customers from a wide range of age groups as well as those who have undergone or are currently undergoing medical treatment.

A model poses with a signboard promoting Samsung Fire and Marine’s Yoo-byeong-jang-soo Plus package. (Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance)

Anyone between the ages of 30 and 75 can apply for the Yoo-byeong-jang-soo Plus package, unless they have been admitted to a hospital for surgery or advised by a doctor to undergo a medical examination within the last three months, the company said. The package also isn’t available to people who have undergone surgery within the past two years due to disease or accident, or to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, angina, cardiac infarction, hepatocirrhosis, chronic renal failure or stroke within the past five years, it added.

Anyone else can apply, including health seekers regularly taking medicine for diabetes or high blood pressure.

The package covers surgery and other treatment for major diseases, as well as expenses for repeated surgeries to treat diseases involving the brain, heart, liver, pancreas and lung.

It also supports subscribers financially by paying a portion of their hospital expenses, starting on the initial day of hospitalization. Monthly subscription fees are waived for those diagnosed with cancer, cerebral hemorrhage and acute myocardial infarction.

“The Yoo-byeong-jang-soo Plus is the most appropriate insurance package for Koreans entering the aging society,” said Jeong Byeong-rok, product development manager at Samsung Fire and Marine. “Samsung Fire and Marine will make a return for customers who choose our product by continuously developing innovative products.”

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