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Vivaldi Park launches winter-themed packages

The Vivaldi Park resort said Tuesday that it is rolling out winter-themed packages to attract more foreign visitors, including one for families and one that encompasses skiing, horseback riding and cultural experiences.

The Viva Ski Festival is designed to give foreigners a taste of Korean culture along with other activities in a three-day period. It includes Korean traditional food, performances, skiing lessons, horseback riding, and fried chicken and beer.

The Classic package can be enjoyed inside the resort, while the Plus package takes visitors to other venues. The former costs 550,000 won ($487) for adults and 412,000 for children. 

(Vivaldi Park)
(Vivaldi Park)

The Snowy Land package is for visitors with children. Snowy Land, named after imaginary snow creatures and located on top of Maebongsan in Gangwon Province, is a 46,000-square-meter snow park that allows families to enjoy sledding, skiing, and other winter activities like ice hockey and curling.

The package includes admission, gondola rides, and the round-trip shuttle bus trip between Seoul and Snowy Land.

Visitors can also enjoy a one-day ski package.

Daemyung Hotel & Resort has tourist centers, free shuttle buses, interpretation services and other features designed especially for foreign visitors.

The festival starts Dec. 10, and tickets can be purchased online. For more information, visit