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LG Innotek develops ultra-slim lighting module Nexlide-L

LG Innotek Co., an electronics part maker under LG Group, on Monday showcased an ultra-slim vehicle lighting module, Nexlide-L, paving the way for carmakers to develop automobiles with unique designs.


Nexlide is the brand name for LG Innotek‘s automotive LED lighting.

LG said the latest product, Nexlide-L, is only 3 mm thick, which is significantly slimmer than the 8 mm thickness of existing models. This represents the thinnest LED lighting module in the market at present.

The company said the product is available in different colors for various areas of an automobile. For example, the stop lamp can be red and the side mirror light can be yellow.

LG said Nexlide-L products come with a brightness of 7,500 nits. A nit is a unit of luminance equal to one candela per square meter.

“Nexlide-L is an innovative lighting module that can improve automobiles’ design, quality and safety,” LG Innotek said, claiming the product itself includes around 200 technology patents. (Yonhap)