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[Behind the Wheel] QM6: French SUV offers perfect movie night

Fun driving doesn’t have to be all about speed and power.

French sports utility vehicle QM6, for instance, offers premium audio inside the cabin, making every driving moment exquisite.

Wherever you sit -- front or back – the QM6 delivers a premium sound quality, as if you are sitting on the center of a concert hall, thanks to 13 BOSE speakers that create deep base tone together with sophisticated sound.

QM6 GDe are lined up for John Carney’s “Sing Street” at a drive-in theater in Seoul. Renault Samsung
QM6 GDe are lined up for John Carney’s “Sing Street” at a drive-in theater in Seoul. Renault Samsung

“It is the first car where Bose engineers participated in the early stages of car design for sound optimization, when sound work is usually carried out in the final stage of development,” said Lim Tae-hyung, a sound director in Seoul. Sound optimization, meaning getting the best sound for drivers and passengers inside the cabin, is what makes the QM6 so special, he said.

When it comes to high quality sound, you generally get what you pay for. But for a large SUV priced under 30 million won, the quality of sound of the QM6’s BOSE Surround Sound System ranks with those of luxury vehicles that cost more than 4 times as much, he added.

QM6 GDe. Renault Samsung
QM6 GDe. Renault Samsung

Watching a movie at a drive-in theater in Seoul demonstrated its outstanding sound features, as well as more freedom to eat something smelly and chat with friends while watching. The surround sound was an immersive experience, enhancing musical sounds from “Sing Street” by director John Carney.

The engine was on for the entire movie event, but the sound was barely undetectable.

To focus on quietness and fuel economy, Renault downsized the horsepower and torque for the gasoline model. The 2.0-liter gasoline-powered QM6 has a maximum 144 horsepower and 20.4 kilogram-meters of torque, which is lower than Hyundai Motor’s compact SUV Kona. Instead, it’s quiet inside and out, while offering a fuel economy of 11.7 kilometers per liter. The QM6’s other luxury car features also includes, a console with an 8.7-inch screen by Samsung on the dashboard which controls infotainment, navigation, communication and driver aids.

It’s a good fit with Renault’s slogan, “la vie, avec passion.” It’s definitely not a car to race in, but in terms of joie de vivre, it’s a pretty good option.

The price of 2019 QM6 GDe ranges from 24.45 million won to 29.95 million won. 

The Korea Herald rating (out of 5 stars):
Design: 3 stars
Safety: 4 stars
Gas Mileage: 4 stars
Price: 4 stars
Overall: 15/20

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