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NCSoft unveils 5 new mobile games

South Korean online gamemaker NCSoft Corp. on Thursday unveiled five new massively multiplayer online role-playing games for the mobile platform.

Among the much anticipated lineup is "Lineage 2M," a follow-up to the mega-hit mobile game "Lineage M" that is slated to be launched during the first half of 2019, NCSoft said.

"Lineage M," which brings the original "Lineage" title to the mobile platform, has become the most popular app both on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store since its launch last year in several countries, including South Korea and Taiwan.


"NCSoft will challenge new possibilities of MMORPGs in the mobile platform," Chief Creative Officer Kim Taek-jin told reporters in Seoul. Kim also serves as CEO.

Kim further said that Lineage 2M, which integrates NCSoft's technology and expertise built over the past 20 years, will feature full 3-D graphics.

NCSoft also unveiled a sequel to its mega-hit game "Aion," which features an adventure into the world over 900 years ago with dungeons and epic battles.

"Blade & Soul 2," "Blade & Soul M" and "Blade & Soul S," all sequels to NCSoft's flagship online game, "Blade & Soul," will show new kinds of adventures, NCSoft said, without going into detail.

"NCSoft is trying to create a new kind of universe based on Blade & Soul's abundant story and characters," Kim said.

NCSoft then said it is preparing to work with Samsung Electronics Co. in matters related to a smartphone with a foldable display that is slated to be released in the early part of 2019.

Earlier, the South Korean tech giant outlined some specs of its much-anticipated Infinity Flex Display technology, calling it the next big breakthrough.

"NCSoft is preparing a collaboration with Samsung Electronics in matters related to foldable phones," Lee Sung-gu, a managing director at NCSoft, told reporters. Lee did not elaborate further. (Yonhap)