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Seoul to host Asia's biggest coffee exhibition

Caffeinated fun is slated for this week in Seoul

Seoul is hosting the 17th international coffee show, “A Cup of the World,” for four days starting Thursday.

South Korea is one of the most coffee-infatuated countries in the world. According to the Korea Customs Service, the domestic coffee market was worth 11.7 trillion won ($10.8 billion) as of 2017, which translates to 26.5 billion cups of coffee sold last year alone. In a country populated by 51.7 million people, that would mean an average of 512 cups consumed per capita.

(Seoul International Cafe Show)
(Seoul International Cafe Show)

“Coffee industry leaders around the world are fascinated by the growing popularity coffee is enjoying in South Korea,” a representative of the Seoul Cafe Show told The Korea Herald.

Over 600 corporations from 40 countries are set to partake in Seoul’s cafe show this year, making the exhibition Asia’s biggest coffee event with an estimated attendance of over 160,000.

The grand-scale show, to be held at Seoul’s landmark venue, Coex in Samseong-dong, will accommodate both entrepreneurs and consumers.

For coffee professionals and business owners, the World Coffee Leaders Forum will provide a platform for networking and sharing ideas while also addressing the industry’s most pressing subjects, including fair trade and sustainability.

The Seoul Coffee Festival, which runs at the same time, is designed to be more consumer-oriented, taking place in the Coex hall’s lobby and out in the city’s popular cafe alleys.

(Seoul International Cafe Show)
(Seoul International Cafe Show)

“A Cup of the World” will not be a strictly “coffee-only” affair, however. Tea and other beverages are among the myriad items also on display, along with refreshments such as chocolate, pastries and ice cream, as well as tea sets and cafe interior design models.

Visitors and newcomers to Seoul, as well as locals, can hop on the Seoul Coffee Tour Bus, which will drop by three of the city’s hippest coffee districts, known as the three “ridan’s” -- Songridan in southeastern Jamsil, Gyeongnidan in central Itaewon and Mangridan in west-central Mangwon-dong.

Caffeinated fun is slated for this week in Seoul.

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