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[Weather] Seoul temperatures to range between 4 and 13 C on Oct. 31

Wednesday morning brought clear skies and chilly temperatures nationwide, and the mercury is expected to remain about 3-7 degrees lower than normal for some time.

Strong winds are forecast for South Korea’s coastal areas as well as for some inland areas. 


Morning temperatures are set to record 4 degrees Celsius in Seoul, 5 C in Incheon, 0 C in Gangneung, 7 C in Gwangju, 6 C in Busan, 4 C in Daejeon, 4 C in Daegu and 13 C in Jeju.

The daytime high for Seoul will be around 13 C. Incheon is expected to record a high of 12 C, Gangneung 14 C, Gwangju 15 C, Busan 16 C, Daejeon 14 C, Daegu 15 C and Jeju 17 C.

Fine dust levels are expected to remain within the “good” to “normal” range across the nation.

According to the Korea Meteorological Agency, citizens should pay close attention to their health, since temperature fluctuations are expected to continue for at least a few more days.

By Kim Hye-soo (