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[Photo News] Jinro Plum in US

(Hite Jinro)
(Hite Jinro)

South Korean liquor maker Hite Jinro’s low-alcohol fruit-flavored soju Jinro Plum is being advertised during a Korean Parade held at an annual K-town Festival in Manhattan, New York, Saturday. 

By using its bottle-shaped characters and bus advertisements, the company will promote the brand targeting both locals and Koreans in the US until Nov. 2. The promotional bus will also run in other cities like Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and San Francisco. 

According to the company, Jinro America, the US branch of Hite Jinro, saw sales of $23 million last year, up 10 percent on-year. Jinro Plum, which has an alcoholic content of 13 percent, has been developed exclusively for export.