[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

By Yoon Min-sik
  • Published : Sept 27, 2018 - 16:52
  • Updated : Sept 27, 2018 - 16:52

The Great Battle
Opened Sept. 19
Drama, History, Action
Directed by Kim Kwang-sik

The Chinese Tang Empire, led by Taizong (Park Sung-woong), is disgruntled by the military coup of Goguryeo’s Yeon Gaesomun (Yoo Oh-seong), and invades the kingdom. With the Goguryeo army suffering a devastating defeat, it is now up to Ansiseong fortress and its leader Yang Man-chun (Zo In-sung) to defend the country.

Feng Shui
Opened Sept. 19
Drama, History, Political thriller
Directed by Park Hee-gon

In the late Joseon era, King Heonjong (Lee Won-geun) has all but lost his powers to his great-uncle Kim Jwa-geun (Baek Yun-sik) and the Kims. Once a loyal subject to the king, master of East Asian geomancy Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo) is approached by the king’s uncle Heungseon (Ji Sung) to overthrow the Kims’ dominance of the country.

The Nun
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Sept. 19
Directed by Corin Hardy

When a young nun in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Risking not only their lives but their faith and very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in “The Conjuring 2.” 

The Negotiation
Opened Sept. 19
Action, Crime, Drama
Directed by Lee Jong-seok

Ha Chae-yoon (Son Ye-jin), a professional negotiator for the Seoul police, is traumatized when a hostage situation goes horribly wrong. Her resignation is withheld when a hostage situation involving arms dealer Min Tae-gu (Hyun Bin) occurs in Bangkok, and he demands Ha be his counterpart.