Indonesian couple name daughter after Asian Games

  • Published : Sept 2, 2018 - 10:27
  • Updated : Sept 2, 2018 - 17:55

JAKARTA (The Japan News) -- An Indonesian couple named their daughter Asian Games, as she was born on Aug. 18, the day of the opening ceremony of the Games, one of the largest sports events ever held in Indonesia.

“I am proud of her being born on the day of the Asian Games,” the girl’s father, Yordania Denny, 39, said at his home in Palembang, on southern Sumatra island.

The Asian Games took place in Jakarta and Palembang until Sunday.

Yordania Denny holds his daughter Adibah Asian Games at their home in Palembang, Indonesia. (The Yomiuri Shimbun)

Denny and his wife, Vera Nova, 38, were initially expecting their third child on Sept. 12. However, signs of an impending delivery occurred the morning of Aug. 18 and their daughter was born hours before the opening ceremony. The couple then named her Adibah Asian Games.

The couple have two boys. When Nova was pregnant with her second son, her doctor told the couple that they would have a girl. But the doctor was mistaken.

“Of course, I was upset,” Denny said. “We already had a boy, so we really wanted a girl.”

The couple had thought of naming their second child Adibah, a typical name for girls that means “being polite.” They eventually came up with a typical boy’s name.

When Nova was pregnant with their third child, the couple did not bother asking the doctor about the baby’s gender.

The couple were filled with joy because they finally had a girl. Also, it happened on the official first day of the Asian Games.

Denny said he feels honored having Asian Games events in Palembang, the ninth-most populous city in Indonesia.

“Large-scale popular events are almost always held in Jakarta,” Denny said. “This time, various Asian Games events are also held in Palembang, bringing a lot of people from many other countries.”

After naming their daughter Asian Games, Denny said that he received both praise and critical comments from other people.

“When she grows up and doesn’t like the name, it is OK to change it,” Denny said. “One day, I hope Asian Games become an athlete in badminton or basketball,” he said. “This is another reason why we named her after the event.” (ANN)