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N. Korea to host int'l blockchain conference in October

North Korea plans to hold an international conference on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Pyongyang in October, a US-based radio broadcast said Saturday.

The first-ever Korean International Blockchain Conference will be held for a two-day run starting Oct. 1 in the North Korean capital city, according to the report by Radio Free Asia.


The event will bring experts in this cutting-edge field from around the world, the report said, adding that they will hold meetings with officials of the North's business entities on Oct. 3.

North Korea appears to be aiming at showing off its capabilities regarding such technologies, a security expert told RFA on condition of anonymity.

As a ledger system, blockchain makes quicker and more secure digital transactions. Made famous as the technology used by Bitcoin, the system is especially applicable to the banking and insurance industries, according to experts. (Yonhap)