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Blistering heat wave continues to scorch Korea

The prolonged heat wave continues in the country, causing heat-related illnesses in over 2,000 patients.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul will reach a daytime high of 38 degrees Celsius, which is near the record daytime high of 38.4 C on July 24, 1994. The weather agency forecast that the mercury might reach 39 C on Wednesday.


In 1994, around 3,000 people died of heat-related illnesses. There have been a total of 27 deaths in 2018 so far due to heat-related illnesses.

The weather agency said the weather is expected to get hot enough in August to break the record temperature set in 1994.

Korea has been under a scorching heat wave of over 33 C for an average of 13 days, which is the second longest in history since modern meteorological observation started in 1907, according to the weather agency. The country went through a blistering heat wave for an average of 18.3 days in 1994 and 10.5 days in 1978.

Daejeon is set to have a daytime high of 37 C, Daegu 36 C, Jeonju 36 C, Gwangju 37 C, Busan 33 C, Gangneung 33 C and Jeju 31 C.

The fine dust level will stay in the “good” level nationwide.

By Chyung Eun-ju (