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‘Four Men’ producer talks about production halt

While the controversy continues surrounding the drama “Four men,” its producer has come forward to give his side of the story.

Production for the drama has been on hold since mid-May due to a dispute over unpaid wages, news reports said Tuesday.

The production company Victory Contents denied the reports, claiming “the production halt is unrelated to unpaid wage issues.”
(Victory Content)
(Victory Content)

Hours later, producer Jang Tae-you updated a post on his social media account regarding the situation.

“I am writing to address some of the false information given by Victory Contents. The wages of the staff involved in shooting, martial arts, special effects, editing, etc. and myself are still unpaid. In order to attain a capable film crew, I even personally paid them three months’ pay instead,” the post read.

“In the meantime, the staff have demanded both verbally and on paper that they will not participate in production unless they are paid. The production company’s unfair response to legitimate demands broke the trust.”

Jang addressed the rumors regarding his mental status. Some news reports claimed that Jang has been mentally unstable for months due to stress.

“I have been suffering from extreme stress because of this dispute with Victory Content, and have visited a hospital. I am recovering with time and I hope to become healthy to create better work,” he continued.

Lastly, Jang revealed his strong will to face the matter squarely.

“I intend to reveal the truth (by opening an) official press conference if Victory Contents continues making false claims. It is disrespectful to the staff who were involved in producing the drama,” he said.

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