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Top 5 artists best known for cover songs in Korea

South Koreans are known for their love for singing. Singing competition programs are always favored by the local audience, while some of them take part in the shows and rise to stardom themselves.

To those who missed the chance to appear on TV, YouTube has become another outlet to show off their heavenly voices. Here is a list of the talented YouTube singers in Korea, who are best known for cover songs. 

5. Lim Han-byul (118,129 subscribers)

(Lim Han-byul's YouTube)
(Lim Han-byul's YouTube)

Once a member of the K-pop group Monday Kiz, Lim Han-byul is now better known as a YouTube singer in Korea.

Lim’s channel only has 24 videos so far, but each clip has garnered a massive amount of hits. The most popular one, which Lim covered Yoon Jong-shin’s mega-hit song “Like It,” recorded over 3.6 million views.

Besides the cover songs, Lim recently released “Stand by You,” a soundtrack for JTBC’s drama “Misty.”

4. MIGYO (138,484 subscribers)

(MIGYO's YouTube)
(MIGYO's YouTube)

A female vocalist MIGYO launched her YouTube channel in 2016, but it was in 2014 that she made her official debut as a member of K-pop group Bob Girls. After the group disbanded in 2015, the singer changed her name to MIGYO and kicked off a solo career.

The first song MIGYO uploaded was “Stand Up For You,” which top vocalists in Korea, Son Seung-yeon, Ji Se-hee, U Sung-eun and Woo Hye-mi, sang in the first season of “Voice Korea.”

MIGYO’s pure yet powerful vocals soon attracted fans on YouTube, giving her next cover song “I will go to you like the first snow” over 1.5 million views. The clip she covered “Like it” was played over 10 million times. 

3. Bubbledia (850,209 subscribers)

(Bubbledia's YouTube)
(Bubbledia's YouTube)

Bubbledia is best known for her impeccable, well-polished singing skills among local fans here in Korea. The musical actress-turned-YouTuber confessed she had failed countless auditions on Broadway, but more than 850,000 subscribers on her channel are now going wild for her voice.

The most popular clip, which Bubbledia sang Isu’s “My Way,” recorded over 4.9 million views.

The YouTuber, who majored in musical theater at Boston Conservatory, has also uploaded over 180 clips featuring vocal lessons. Ever wondered the secrets of becoming a better singer? Check out Bubbledia’s channel and learn how to sing like a pro.

2. Raon Lee (2.2 million subscribers)

(Raon Lee's YouTube)
(Raon Lee's YouTube)

“Utaite” is a Japanese term referring to a singer who mainly covers anime and game songs. Raon Lee, who previously worked as a dental hygienist, is now one of the most famed “Utaite” in Korea.

Raon uploaded a total of 121 videos as of Monday, while most of them are anime song cover clips. The clip that features Raon singing “Silhouette” from Japanese animation “Naruto Shippuden” garnered over 52.4 million views.

In March, the YouTuber even held an autograph-signing event and met fans in person. 

1. J.Fla (7.7 million subscribers)

(J.Fla's YouTube)
(J.Fla's YouTube)

The legendary YouTube singer, J.Fla, now has over 7 million subscribers all around the world. The clip she sang Ed sheeran’s “Shape of You” was played over 157 million times, while another video she sang Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” garnered over 110 million views as of Monday.

J.Fla still uploads cover song videos regularly to her channel. The most recent one, which she sang Anne Marie’s “2002,” garnered over 568,000 views in two days.

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