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Fantastic love story ‘About Time’

Kim Dong-jun to fill up Lee Seo-won’s leave amid sexual harassment allegation

From time to time, we can all wonder how much time we have left on this planet. What would it be like to have a “life watch” that tells you how much time you have remaining? The new tvN drama series “About Time” uses just such a device to depict a fantastic romance tale.

Lee Sung-kyung plays Choi Mikaela in the 16-part production. She is able to see the invisible watch on people’s wrists, including her own. The watch tells how much time a person has left. With the knowledge of exactly how much time she has left herself, Choi falls in love with Lee Do-ha, played by Lee Sang-yoon. 

Lee Sung-kyung (left) and Lee Sang-yoon pose for photos at a press conference held Thursday at Times Square mall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. (tvN)
Lee Sung-kyung (left) and Lee Sang-yoon pose for photos at a press conference held Thursday at Times Square mall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. (tvN)

“At happy moments, we think about stopping time. The drama talks about such moments. A woman who is living a time-limited life meets a destined love,” director Kim Hyung-sik said at a media briefing held Thursday in southwestern Seoul. “The story is sweet, light and fun, and also sometimes heartbreaking.”

The new Monday-Tuesday drama features musicals as its main subject, with Choi as a musical actress. Her love interest Lee runs a cultural foundation that handles musical businesses.

According to the director, the actress, widely known for her acting and dancing talents, pulled off all the musical scenes herself. 

“I love musicals. I even wanted to be a musical actress when I was little. But because I love it, it was challenging to manage the scenes,” Lee said, revealing that she has been taking voice and dancing lessons. “As someone who loves musicals, I am not fully satisfied with my work.”

The model-turned-actress was attracted to the role by the romantic story. “I had to try, as the series is a fantastic love story that any woman can dream of,” she said.  
Poster for “About Time” (tvN)
Poster for “About Time” (tvN)

Meanwhile, Lee Seo-won, who had been cast in a supporting role as a talented musical producer, has been pulled from the series following reports Thursday that he was charged with sexual harassment in April. His case has been sent to the prosecution. Kim Dong-joon will take over the role in his place. 

Lee is alleged to have attempted to make physical contact with the celebrity victim. He also purportedly threatened her with a weapon. His agency Blossom Entertainment issued an apology after looking into the matter.

Though the series’ title is the same as the famed British film of 2013, the two productions are unrelated. The new fantasy-romance series will air its first episode on Monday at 9:30 p.m.

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