Lovelyz returns as ‘healers’ in new album

By Hong Dam-young
  • Published : Apr 24, 2018 - 14:36
  • Updated : Apr 24, 2018 - 14:36

Having captured the K-pop world’s attention with its vivacious “Ah Choo” signature tune, K-pop girl group Lovelyz returned as musical “healers” in its new EP.

Lovelyz’s fourth EP “Healing,” released Monday, is an extension of the group’s representative twinkling synths which has been seen in the act’s previous hits “Ah-Choo” and “Now, We.” The difference is that Lovelyz sprinkled a bit more of freshness in its new songs, as if trying to wash all the dust from one’s heart.

Lovelyz performs during a media showcase for its new EP “Healing” in Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap)

“When we weren’t promoting, I had pulled my ankle ligament during a concert, and some members have even suffered from low self-esteem. But fans’ love healed us. We hope our fans could be healed by our music as well,” said Kei during a media showcase for the group’s “Healing” EP in Seoul on Monday.

Marking Lovelyz’s first release since its third EP “Fall in Lovelyz” in November last year, “Healing” is led by lead track “That Day.”

The song isn’t as rich in whirring synths as the group’s last single “Twinkle,” but it still blends innocent bubblegum pop styling with breathy vocals, creating an overall more saccharine mood than the group’s previous works. The infectious hook where the members sleekly sing “at the tip of my nose Haa! In my mouth Hoo!” almost offers the freshness of cough drop candy.

“When I first heard the song’s demo, it was as if I drank a soda, as the song was so cool and fresh. Lovelyz is a group that fits well with spring, and we are glad to showcase our song in this beautiful season,” Jisoo said. 

Lovelyz performs during a media showcase for its new EP “Healing” in Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap)

The song also touches on the feeling of breakup, the first time Lovelyz sang about not so cheerful messages.

Such musical transition is a result of Lovelyz’s cooperation with Sweetune, a renowned K-pop producing team and mastermind behind hits like Kara’s “Pretty Girl” and “Honey,” and Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over” and “Be Mine.”

Lovelyz has been collaborating with 1Piece, a famous composer group led by musical producer Yoon Sang, since its first EP in 2014. Under the orchestration of Yoon, Lovelyz made a splash in the K-pop scene with hits like “Ah-Choo,” “Now, We” and “Candy Jelly Love.” But the group started infusing new blood in music since last year, as it joined forces with rising composer producer duo 1Take and TAK.

The members, however, didn’t find working with new collaborators too challenging. 

“There have always been new challenges when we worked with Yoon. Maybe that’s why we don’t fear challenges.” band leader Baby Soul said. The six-track EP also includes “Temptation,” for which Baby Soul took part in writing the rap lyrics, upbeat electronic song “Bizarre” and melodic “Watercolor.” 

Lovelyz performs during a media showcase for its new EP “Healing” in Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap)

Consisting of Baby Soul. Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein, Lovelyz debuted in 2014 with its first EP “Girls’ Invasion,” since then building up a wide international following. 

“While lead track is important for singers, you’ll recognize that we’ve always been seeking musical challenges, studies and practices, once you listen to the other tracks from the album. Our strength is that all eight of us have our own vocal strengths,” Sujeong said.