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N. Korea halting loudspeaker broadcasts toward S. Korea: gov't source

North Korea's military has been switching off its loudspeaker broadcasts directed at South Korea in the border area in response to a similar decision by the South ahead of an inter-Korean summit this week, a government source said Monday.

"The North Korean military had about 40 loudspeakers for anti-Seoul propaganda in the vicinity of the military demarcation line (MDL), and has turned off a considerable number of them as of Monday afternoon," the source said.


Another source also said it has detected signs that the North is gradually halting its propaganda broadcasts against South Korea on the MDL. "We assume most of the loudspeakers will be stopped by tonight," said the source.

Earlier in the day, South Korea's defense ministry announced that it stopped its own border broadcasts directed at the North at 12 a.m. Monday to reduce military tensions between the two Koreas and create a peaceful mood ahead of the summit talks on Friday.

South Korea's military operated 40 loudspeakers for anti-North propaganda. (Yonahp)