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Over 100 new signposts to decorate Gangnam streets

Seoul City plans to renovate building signposts in Gangnam-gu, the district’s office said Monday.

The project aims to tear down old and worn signposts and replace them with new ones that befit the identity of each shop and street, the office said.
Some 179 signposts are part of the project, in streets including the Ilwon 1-dong area and Gaepo-ro 22-gil, home to the country’s sole Gugak (Korean traditional music) schools.

The renovations on the street will thus be highlighting the theme of culture and music using traditional Korean colors. 

Post-renovation signposts in a street in Gangnam-gu (Gangnam-gu Office)
Post-renovation signposts in a street in Gangnam-gu (Gangnam-gu Office)

The new signposts will also incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting.

A committee will be formed by the area’s business owners and building owners, allowing Gangnam residents to take charge over the future care of the new signposts.

Last year, Gangnam-gu renovated over 300 signposts in the Yeoksam-ro and Nambu Beltway areas, part of a decadelong project to improve the streets’ aesthetics.

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