Over 15,000 people apply for state’s vacation fund

By Ahn Sang-yool
  • Published : Apr 16, 2018 - 16:31
  • Updated : Apr 16, 2018 - 16:47

More than 15,000 South Koreans have applied for the government’s special vacation fund, a new state project.

The Korea Tourism Organization said Monday that 1,211 corporations and 15,443 individuals had filed applications by April 11.

Although applications are open until April 20, the organization expects the number of individual applicants to soon surge beyond 20,000, as 1,200 workers are applying per day on average. 


The fund, called “Vacation Fund for Workers,” is supported by corporations and the government. If an employee applies for the vacation fund with 200,000 won, the company and the government will provide an additional 100,000 won each.

If more than 20,000 workers apply, small and medium-sized enterprises which joined the pilot project in 2014, will be selected first, and the rest will be chosen based either on the size of the corporations or their participation rate. The final list will be announced on April 30.

By Ahn Sang-yool (