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Stratasys to unveil additive solution in tech exhibition in Korea

Stratasys, a 3-D printing company, said Thursday it would unveil its latest prototyping and additive manufacturing solution at tech exhibition Simtos in Kintex exhibition center in Goyang from Apr. 3 to 7.

Prototypes are basic models designed with only key functions in order to verify and improve performance before new products are launched. Additive manufacturing is a 3-D printing application that stacks and combines layers of base materials to make 3-D products. 

At the Stratasys booth, visitors can experience a wide range of Stratasys advanced rapid prototyping solutions that are designed to give more flexibility, faster time-to-market and significant cost savings across the product development cycle.

Stratasys J750, “full-color, multi-material” 3-D printing solution delivers product realism, eliminating many of the traditional complex processes, time and resources required to create product-matching prototypes, according to the company.

The F123 series enables rapid, easy to use prototyping in an office environment, optimized for complete prototyping workflow, from initial concept verification to design validation to functional performance testing.

“3-D printing will be a growth engine to lead the fourth industrial revolution in the future in diverse areas, including prototyping, process innovation, cost saving and improved design,” said Hwang Hye-young, a regional manager of Stratasys.

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