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Rock singer Yoon Do-hyun returns with two new singles

Rock singer Yoon Do-hyun has returned with two new digital singles “Song Calling for You” and “Cold” Thursday.

According to his agency Dee Company, the two songs have been produced by Yoon himself, and the entire recording process, as well as the shooting for the music video, was completed in London.

An image for Yoon Do-hyun‘s new single “Song Calling for You” (Dee Company)
An image for Yoon Do-hyun‘s new single “Song Calling for You” (Dee Company)

Yoon recorded “Song Calling for You” with the London Symphony Orchestra at Air studios in London, which was founded in 1965 by Beatles producer George Martin and his partner John Burgess.

The agency said that the accompanying music video for the song was shot at Seven Sisters cliffs also in London.

“Cold,” which boasts a harmony of quartet, acoustic guitar and flute, is also a result of international collaboration between staff from Korea, England and Japan, the agency said.

Yoon is a vocalist for YB, a five-piece band with guitarists Heo Jun and Scott Hellowell, bassist Park Tae-hee and drummer Kim Jin-won. The group debuted in 1996 as Yoon Do-hyun Band, before changing its name to YB in 2003. Yoon has been trying to expand his career overseas for the last few years, his agency stated.