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During Lunar New Year holiday, singles stressed most by nagging parents

Incessant nagging from parents about marriage and jobs is the most stressful part of the Lunar New Year holiday for singles, when families typically gather to pay respects to their ancestors, according to a survey Friday. 


Duo, a leading matchmaking company, polled single men and women in their 20s and 30s over the past three years, with 30.1 percent of them responding that they are stressed most by parents telling them what to do.

When families gather during the holiday, singles are most stressed by questions about their personal lives raised by their elders, such as, "When are you getting married?" or "When do you think you'll get a job?"

Another 19.3 percent said they are stressed by overspending on pocket money and gifts to their parents, according to the survey.

The survey also found that 16.7 percent are stressed by the traffic jams during the holiday caused by so many people traveling.