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[팟캐스트](233) 수소차, 럭셔리 시장


진행자: 김보경, Anita

1. 현대차, 넥쏘 항속거리 609km 공개

기사 요약: 다음달 3월 출시 예정인 현대의 수소전기차 넥쏘의 항속거리가 609km인 것으로 공개됐다. 이는 수소차 중 최장이며, 기존 모델인 투싼 전기차보다 약 200km 늘어난 것이다.

Hyundai’s Nexo FCEV offers longest 609-km driving range

[1]Hyundai Motor, South Korea’s No. 1 carmaker, said Monday that the exact driving range of its latest hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle Nexo has been measured at 609 kilometers per charge, the longest among hydrogen-powered cars so far.

*driving range: 항속거리, 주행거리

*among A: A 중에

*hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle: 수소연료전지차

[2]“Hydrogen is the ultimate medium when it comes to fostering the arrival of a world of clean energy,” said Pierre Etienne Franc, vice president of Air Liquide, before the media test drive of Nexo at Hyundai Motor Studio in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.

*ultimate: 궁극의

*medium: 매개체

*foster: 조성하다

[3]“The achievement Hyundai Motor has shown through Nexo is a remarkable one that has contributed to making a hydrogen-based society.”

He is also the secretary of Hydrogen Council, which Hyundai chairs.

*remarkable: 놀라운

*hydrogen-based: 수소 기반

[4]Hyundai Motor’s next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system generates a driving distance 200 kilometers longer than the Tucson FCEV, the company said.

*generate: 만들어내다

[5]The upgraded hydrogen tank with enlarged storage capacity and hydrogen storage density has also contributed to increasing driving range.

*storage: 저장

*capacity: 용량

*density: 밀도


2. 고급 유럽 브랜드, 20-30대 한국 소비자들에게 인기몰이 중

기사 요약: 전통적인 디자인과 높은 가격대 때문에 기존에 40대 이상 소비자가 주 고객층이었던 고급 유럽 브랜드들이 20-30대 한국 소비자들 사이에서 인기몰이 중이다. 한층 새로워진 디자인과 함께 온라인 스토어를 활용이 인기를 더하고 있다고 한다.

Luxury European brands extend reach to Korean shoppers

[1] In South Korea, luxury fashion brands from countries such as Italy, France and the UK have gained popularity, particularly among consumers in their 40s and above. The traditional designs and high price tags did not do much to attract young Koreans, but that is about to change.

*particularly: 특히나

*40s: 40-somethings의 약자, 40대

*price tag: 가격표

[2]Recently more European luxury brands have been vigorously targeting the so-called millennials -- those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s -- across the global market.

*vigorously: 힘차게

*millennials: (경제용어) 밀레니얼 세대

[3]Since 2015 these high-end brands have been successful in targeting Korean consumers in their 20s and 30s with revamped designs and new marketing strategies, making good use out of their online stores.

*high-end: 고급의

*revamp: 제품을 개량하다

*make good use of A: A를 잘 활용하다

[4]A noteworthy trend is seen at Gucci, where new Chief Designer Alessandro Michele has conducted a drastic overhaul in product designs. Under his initiative, Gucci has been successful in carrying out a shift from its standard sleek style to a more colorful aesthetic by embroidering bees, snakes and tigers on main items, such as shoes and bags.

*noteworthy: 괄목할만한

*drastic: 과감한

*overhaul: 점검, 재정비

*initiative: 계획

*sleek: 매끄럽다

*aesthetic: 미학적

*embroider: 자수를 놓다

[5]Though Gucci has no unveiled its detailed Korean sales figure, market insiders estimate that Korea’s young consumers have somewhat contributed to the Italian brand’s rapid growth in global sales.

*sales: 판매

*figure: 수치

*somewhat: 어느정도