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[팟캐스트](232) 올림픽 로봇기술, 한국 연예계 성적착취


진행자: 원호정, Anita Mckay

1. 평창올림픽에 동원된 최신 로봇

기사 요약: 평창올림픽에 최신 로봇들이 동원된다. 공항에서 길을 안내하는 로봇부터 음료를 서빙하는 로봇까지, 평창올림픽에서 만날 수 있는 로봇들에 대해 알아본다.

Korean robots to add high-tech spin to Olympic Winter Games

[1] Athletes, staff and spectators making their way to PyeongChang this winter will have plenty to see in between the Olympic Games, with the latest robots from South Korea roaming the grounds to offer guidance, travel support and entertainment.

* make one's way to ~ : ~로 향하다, 가다
* plenty: 많은
* latest: 최신
* roam: 돌아다니다
* the grounds: 일대 (esp. 경기장 등)

[2] From practical guide bots for finding directions to robotic fishes swimming in water-filled tanks for your entertainment, a total of 85 robots across 11 types are being deployed at the PyeongChang Winter Games.

* practical: 실용적인
* deployed: 배치되다

[3] The first robots to greet international guests will be situated at the airport. Hubo the humanoid robot will be handing out flowers and offering assistance to guests at the airport as well as at major hotels in PyeongChang.

* be situated at: ~에 위치하다
* humanoid: 인간과 비슷한
* hand out: 나누어 주다 (<-> handout)

[4] Replacing human workers, several “drink-serving” robots will be distributing refreshments to reporters and athletes at the Main Press Center and the Gangneung Olympic Village. The server bots are specially designed to drive around on their own while avoiding obstacles in crowded indoor spaces.

* replace: 대신하다
* refreshments: 다과
* server: 서버 (음식 등을 나누어주는 사람)
* on their own: 스스로
* obstacles: 장애물

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2. 성적 착취 논란, 아직은 조용한 한국 연예계

기사요약: 미국에서 시작된 #MeToo 운동을 비롯한 여러 움직임들이 전세계로 확산되고 있지만, 아직 한국 연예계는 성적 착취와 성희롱에 대한 논의를 하는 것을 꺼리고 있다.

Korean celebrities find it difficult to break silence on sexual exploitation

[1] American movements against pervasive sexual harassment -- #MeToo and Time’s Up -- have led to a slew of allegations against some of the world’s most powerful men.

* pervasive: 만연한
* a slew of: 대량 (flood, mountain)
* allegations: 혐의

[2] What started out as a tweet from a Hollywood actress encouraging those who have been victims of sexual harassment to use the hashtag #MeToo soon evolved into a global movement, starting with the downfall of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

* What started out as~: ~로 시작한 것
* evolve: 진화하다 (developed)
* downfall: 몰락, 파멸
* mogul: 중요인물, 거물

[3] However, the movement has gained little traction in South Korea, with only a handful of revelations receiving slight public attention.

* gain traction: 견인력을 얻다 (pick up steam, gain momentum)
* handful: 한 줌, 한 움큼
* revelations: 폭로

[4] As for the celebrities who one would think would have the power to get their stories heard, it appears it is still just as hard as before to go public.

* as for ~: ~의 경우
* it appears ~: ~로 보인다
* as ~ as before: 예전만큼이나 ~하다

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