Suzy: “I always wanted to sing about various facets of love”

By Hong Dam-young
  • Published : Jan 29, 2018 - 18:22
  • Updated : Jan 29, 2018 - 18:22

Juggling her roles as a singer and an actress, Suzy has been keeping a delicate balance.

Just when the scale seems to have tipped toward acting, the former Miss A member once again jumped toward music with her new EP “Faces of Love.” 

Suzy at a media showcase for her new EP “Faces of Love” in Seoul on Monday. (JYP Entertainment)

The singer’s second EP released Monday evening marks her first album release since her R&B-tinged debut EP “Yes? No?” in January last year.

Returning as a soloist has been tough. But she is positive about the shift.

“I felt nervous for sure. But I decided to harden my heart. As I can embody myself more as a soloist, it’s a chance for me to take the next step forward,” said Suzy during a media showcase for her new EP in Seoul on Monday.

In the new album, Suzy, who has experienced various types of love both as a singer and actress, explores many facets of love -- even its ugliness.

The lead song “Holiday,” a laid-back R&B song featuring Korean rapper DPR Live, touches on the rapturous feeling of love, while the singer turns into a reproachful woman in “Good Night.” The 25-year-old songstress also expresses candid feelings about a partner under the influence of alcohol in “Sober.” 

Suzy at a media showcase for her new EP “Faces of Love” in Seoul on Monday. (JYP Entertainment)

“Ever since I started writing lyrics, I have always wanted to make songs about love’s many facets. People have their own ways of love. Also, I think my feelings of love have also gotten deeper as I get older,” she said.

The seven-track EP also includes a poignant breakup track, “I’m in Love With Someone Else,” which was dropped last week prior to the album’s official release date.

Also Suzy’s first release since Miss A’s disbandment last year, the piano-based ballad song describes the complicated feelings of a woman who confesses to her partner that she is breaking up with him for another man.

“At first, I thought the song was brutal. I was surprised as well. But as I dived into the song, I realized that the woman was just making an excuse, a white lie, which made the song sound sadder,” she said.

“I think many will be able to relate with the song.”
Suzy at a media showcase for her new EP “Faces of Love” in Seoul on Monday. (JYP Entertainment)

Whatever the special formula she has for becoming K-pop’s most in-demand figure, her popularity has gone far beyond her career as a singer since she began her acting career with the hit drama series “Dream High” in 2011.

Playing an innocent college student in the Korean romance film “Architecture 101,” she was put on a pedestal with the moniker, “Korea’s icon of first love.” Suzy also played a reporter in the SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping” last year, alongside actor Lee Jong-suk.

The versatile celebrity said she hopes to showcase many other sides of herself in the future.

“I’m thankful for being called an ‘icon of first love,’ but it’s true that I feel burdened by it. I thought people would be disappointed if I show different sides of me. But I also have a sexy side, and I sometimes turn into an innocent and feminine woman. Rather than trying to cater to the public’s expectations, I now accept such variety transformation,” she said.

She also mentioned Miss A’s breakup in December last year, once again apologizing to her fans and wishing for individual success for the group’s members.

Suzy will kick start promotion of “Holiday” with a performance of the song on the Korean music program “M!Countdown” on Thursday.

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)