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Song Kang-ho’s ‘Drug King’ set for summer release

Versatile actor Song Kang-ho will take on the role of a 1970s drug lord in the upcoming film “Drug King,” set for release this summer.

Producers of the film on Thursday released a still that showed Song as the movie’s protagonist Lee Doo-sam. 

A film still from “Drug King” (Showbox)
A film still from “Drug King” (Showbox)

The photo shows Song sitting in what appears to be his office, which has lavish decorations and guns hanging on the wall. The shot is somewhat reminiscent of an iconic scene from the 1983 movie “Scarface,” starring iconic actor Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

“Via the character of Lee Doo-sam, which is a culmination of the people who lived in the 1970s, I sought to shed light on the eras that we’ve lived through,” said Song.

Inspired by a real-life crime boss, the crime drama is directed by Woo Min-ho, who was behind the 2015 political thriller “Inside Men,” which delved into the corruption among political, business and legal circles.

The upcoming movie’s cast includes Jo Jung-suk, Bae Doona, Lee Sung-min and Lee Hee-jun. 

By Yoon Min-sik