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Samsung C-Lab startups make waves at CES

Startups being incubated by Samsung‘s C-Lab turned heads at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, receiving offers for investments and further development, according to reports Sunday.

At CES this year, Samsung’s C-Lab unveiled three new projects working on innovations in audio, health recovery and vision enhancement.
S-Ray is a directional sound system that allows users to privately enjoy audio without having the sound spread to their surrounding environments. 

Unlike previous directional speakers, S-Ray comes in a compact size that makes them portable. 

S-Ray (Samsung)
S-Ray (Samsung)

S-Ray reportedly received an offer for investment as well as distribution by an American retailer at CES.

GoBreath is a recovery aid that utilizes an inhaler-like device that connects with a mobile app to help patients with lung damage and post-operative complications learn breathing techniques to help them recover. The developers of GoBreath received offers for funding as well as a clinical trial, and an invitation to a related conference.

Samsung‘s startup lab also introduced Relumino glasses, which help people with vision impairment see images more clearly. This year’s CES featured glasses that were developed to work with the Relumino app, which was first presented at the Mobile World Congress last year. Relumino caught the eye of CES organizers as well as groups representing people with visual impairments.

Although those three projects have not yet officially spun off from Samsung, seven projects that did break off from C-Lab were also represented at CES.
Among them was Linkflow, whose Fitt360 first-person view neckband camera has generated more than $236,000 on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, far beyond its $50,000 goal. The wearable camera project was awarded the CES 2018 Innovation Award in the Digital Imaging category, according to Samsung.

Samsung launched C-Lab in December 2012 as a gateway for Samsung employees to develop and test out innovative ideas. Successful projects are provided with seed money investments from Samsung and are guaranteed independent management. 

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