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2 suspects burned trying to steal oil

Investigators have apprehended two men in the attempted burglary of oil, Wanju Police Station in North Jeolla Province said Monday.

Pillar of fire from oil pipeline (Yonhap)
Pillar of fire from oil pipeline (Yonhap)

The two suspects are being charged for the attempt to snatch oil from a pipeline extending across a hill in Wanju, after inadvertently causing a fire in the process. The pipeline was buried 1.5 centimeters underground, a radius of 27.5 centimeters.

It has been revealed that the fire ignited while the two were drilling a hole after digging in the area.

Approximately 4,500 liters of oil gushed out from the pipeline and caught fire in pillar that soared some 30 meters high.

The suspects were taken to a hospital in Daegu with serious burns.

Police will seek arrest warrants for the two as soon as they sufficiently recover from the injuries.

By Ahn Sang-yool (