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Sanitary pads, face masks to list all ingredients on packaging

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on Wednesday announced its main policy changes regarding consumer safety for the upcoming year including stricter regulations regarding ingredient labeling.

The policy changes included those addressing major consumer safety crises in 2017 involving traces of pesticides found in eggs, as well as volatile organic compounds found in menstrual care products.

The ministry will expand the categories of products that will be required to label all ingredients to include paper-based medical devices, particularly sanitary pads and face masks. Earlier this month, products such as toothpaste, mouthwash and pesticides came under such regulation. The rule will be expanded to include paper-based products in October 2018.

From April, the Food and Drug Safety Ministry will create a new category of firms licensed to screen and package eggs for consumption. In addition, all processed meat products, including ham, sausage and hamburger patties, will be required to receive HACCP certification from December.

Other policy changes include the creation of a new license for manufacturing customized cosmetics, as well as a new certification process for all-natural or organic cosmetics. 

The ministry said through a statement that the new regulations going into place in 2018 are designed to “strengthen safety management while reducing procedural regulations that are irrelevant to safety.” 

By Won Ho-jung (