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[팟캐스트](224) 연예계 블랙리스트, 방탄소년단의 SNS 활용

Kim Heung-gook (Herald DB)
Kim Heung-gook (Herald DB)

진행자: 윤민식, Paul Kerry

1. 연예계 블랙리스트

기사요약: 최근 공개된 국정원 문서를 통해, 이명박 정권 당시 문화계 블랙리스트의 실체가 또 한번 밝혀졌다. 이 정권이 좌파성향 연예인들을 퇴출시키기 위한 물타기용으로 보수성향 연예인 김흥국의 퇴출을 주도했다는 내용이었다.

[1]The ongoing investigation into two previous governments‘ blacklist of cultural figures continues to unearth more dirt, with a recent revelation that Lee Myung-bak administration used one of its supporters as a scapegoat to hide its wrong-doings.

* ongoing: 지속적인(=continuous)
* investigation: 수사 (=probe)
* blacklist: 블랙리스트(<->whitelist)
* unearth: 발굴하다, 공개하다 (=uncover, discover)
* revelation: 폭로
* scapegoat: 희생양

[2] A 2011 document of the National Intelligence Service, revealed recently by Kyunghyang Shinmun, a local daily, showed that MBC’s sacking of singer Kim Heung-gook that year was part of the conservative administration’s plan to extract left-leaning entertainers from TV and radio shows.

*document: 문서
* National Intelligence Service: 국가정보원
* reveal: 공개하다 (=unveil)
* daily: 일간지
* sack ~: ~를 해고하다 (=fire, dismiss)
* conservative administration: 보수정권
* extract: 축출하다

[3] A series of investigations by the current administration has shown that the Park Geun-hye administration had labelled culture figures who are left-leaning or who have spoken against the government as “pro-North,” and barred them from receiving state funding. The investigation was expanded in September to include the Lee administration, after it was revealed that Lee had kept a similar blacklist as well.

* A series of: 일련의
* label A as B: A를 B라고 낙인찍다
* cultural figures: 문화계 인사들
* pro~: 친~성향인
* bar A from B: A가 B를 못하게 막다
* expand: 확장하다

2, 방탄소년단 및 한국 연예인들의 SNS 활용

기사요약: 연예인들의 SNS 활용이 늘어나고 있다. SNS를 통해 논란에 휩싸이는 경우도 있지만, BTS처럼 이를 통해 전세계적인 명성을 얻는 경우도 있다.

[1] BTS, the latest hotshot K-pop group, recently topped 10 million followers on Twitter, marking the first time a K-pop group had reached that many number of followers. It was also another milestone for the boy band that has used social media to its advantage.

* latest: 가장 최근의
* hotshot: 잘가가는 이
* top ~: ~를 넘다 (=surpass~)
* milestone: 획기적인 단계(사건)
* use A to B's advantage: A를 B에 유리하게 활용하다.

[2] While always a powerhouse back home, it was nabbing the top social artist award at the Billboard Music Awards that propelled Bangtan Boys to international fame.

* powerhouse: 강력하거나 유력한 집단이나 개인
* nab: ~를 가지다, 낚아채다, (용의자에게 쓰였을 경우) 체포하다
* propel: 나아가게 하다, 추진하다.

[3] BTS’ use of social media has worked to its benefit, but social media has also thrust some K-pop stars into the center of controversies, sometimes with detrimental effects on their public image and popularity.

* worked to ~'s benefit: ~에게 이득이 되다
* thrust: 밀치다, 몰아넣다
* center of:~의 중심에
* detrimental: 해가 되는