AI virus detected in wild bird droppings

By Yonhap
  • Published : Nov 24, 2017 - 21:52
  • Updated : Nov 24, 2017 - 21:52

An avian influenza virus has been detected in droppings of wild birds found in the southeastern region of South Korea, the country's farm and livestock ministry said Friday.

The droppings were collected on Wednesday near a stream in Goseong, South Gyeongsang Province and preliminary probe results showed that the H5 strain of the bird flu virus was detected, according to the ministry.

It is expected to take three to five days to see if the virus is highly pathogenic.

The ministry said that it has disinfected the area the excretions were found and banned the movement of livestock around it for 21 days as precaution measures.

A close investigation for possible spread of the virus is also underway within 10 kilometers of the area in which some 418,000 poultry is estimated to be raised. (Yonhap)