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[팟캐스트](222) 취업시장 연령별 변화, 연예계 ‘하나의 중국 정책’


진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry

1.Youth employment hits record low, senior jobs soar

기사요약: 화요일 통계청 발표에 따르면 국내 전체 취업자 가운데 청년층이 차지하는 비중이 역대 최저 수준으로 하락했다. 국내 전체 취업자 2,685만5천명 중 14.6%까지 내려갔는데, 반면 60세 이상 고령층 취업자 수는 늘어나고 있다고 한다.

[1] South Korea continues to struggle with its high youth unemployment rate, with the number of employed Korean youths hitting a record low last month and the number of senior citizens in Korea continuing to climb, according to data from Statistics Korea on Tuesday.

* youth: 형용사, 명사형 구분해야
* hit a record low/high: 사상 최저/최대 (daily, weekly 등으로 교체 가능)
* senior citizens: 고령자, 노인 (elderly)

[2] The number of employed Koreans aged 15 to 29 stood at 3.93 million in October, 52,000 lower compared to the same month last year. Last month’s figures marked the fifth consecutive month of declining employment among young people. The unemployment rate for young people was 8.6 percent last month, an increase of 0.1 percentage point compared to October 2016. 

* employed: 직업이 있는
* figures: 수치 (대체어: numbers, statistics, data)
* fifth consecutive month: 5개월 연속으로

[3] According to Statistics Korea, the simultaneous decline in youth employment and increase in employment among the elderly is attributed to Korea’s low birthrate -- one of the lowest among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries -- and its growing population of senior citizens. The government agency also added that economic turmoil contributes to industries hiring fewer young people.

* simultaneous: 동시에 일어나는 (coinciding과 구분해서 사용해야)
* birthrate: 출산율
* attribute to ~: ~의 덕/탓으로 돌리다, (credit to: ~의 덕으로)
* turmoil: 혼란, 소란
* OECD: 경제협력개발기구


2. Why Korean entertainment succumbs to ‘One China’ policy

기사요약: 2017 MAMA 행사에 앞서 투표와 관련해 주최측의 중국 국가 분류 기준으로 인해 중국 팬들 사이에 ‘보이콧’ 움직임이 있었고, 이에 대해 MAMA를 개최를 주관하는 Mnet은 페이지 삭제조치를 취했다

[1] The Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 on Monday announced that it had decided to remove a section on its homepage that categorized Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau as independent countries.

* remove: 없애다, 삭제하다
* categorize: 분류하다
* independent: 독립적인

[2] The move took place after Chinese netizens called for a boycott of MAMA 2017, as they considered Mnet’s decision to recognize the three areas as independent states as disregarding China’s “One China” policy.

* consider A to be B: A를 B로 생각하다, 간주하다
* disregard: 무시하다

[3] When it comes to having to choose between agreeing with China or Taiwan, the K-pop industry often opts for the former. This is mostly due to the fact that China is a much larger market.

* opt for: 선택하다
* the former: 전자 (후자: the latter)
* be due to: ~ 때문이다

[4] In 2014, roughly half of the 44 million votes submitted for artists participating in MAMA were from China. Korean votes only accounted for 10.5 percent, while the entire Southeast Asian region accounted for 26.1 percent.

* submit: 제출하다
* account for: ~비율을 차지하다