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[팟캐스트](221) 인도 강타한 K뷰티, 11월 14일 데이

Dale Deugcheon Han (center), CEO of Limese, and his team (Limese)
Dale Deugcheon Han (center), CEO of Limese, and his team (Limese)

진행자: 김보경, Anita Mckay

1.[Herald Interview] Reaching out to Indian consumers with K-Beauty

기사요약: 한국 화장품이 중국에서 날개 날린 듯이 팔리고 있는데요, 중국을 이을 다음 유망 마켓으로 인도가 지목됐다고 합니다.

[1] China has for years appeared to be an unchanging target for South Korea’s cosmetics export realm, but for market pioneers, India is the way to go, according to an entrepreneur specializing in Indian business.

*realm: 영역, 범위
*pioneer: 선구자
*is the way to go: 가야 할 길이다
*way to go!: 잘했어!

[2] “For one of the fastest-growing countries in the world with a young, growing population of some 1.3 billion, India is largely underestimated in the global market,” Dale Deugcheon Han, CEO of Limese, told The Korea Herald in an interview.

*billion: 10억
*underestimate: (비용・규모 등을) 너무 적게 잡다[추산하다]

[3] Limese, a combination of the Latin words for “path” and “self,” is an export and distribution platform connecting South Korea‘s cosmetic manufacturers and the Indian market.

* combination of A of B: A와 B의 조합

[4] Since starting business last year as an export-oriented startup, the company has been focusing on establishing business networks in India, seeking to secure the first-mover advantage in the quickly expanding market.

*export-oriented: 수출-위주
*first-mover: 개척자
*advantage: 유리한 점

2. 5 suggestions for Nov. 14

기사요약: 2월 14일 발렌타인데이는 전세계적으로 유명한 기념일인데요. 한국에서는 발렌타인데이 이외에도 매달 14일이 각기 다른 기념일이 있다고 합니다.

[1] In Korea, where capitalism is tantamount to religion, every 14th of the month is another chance for companies to hawk their wares -- with a special theme to justify it.

* capitalism: 자본주의
* tantamount: ~와 마찬가지의
* hawk: 소리치며 팔다

[2] The corporate trend likely stems from the commercial success of Valentine’s Day, which comes every Feb. 14. At least five different themes are contending for supremacy of the Nov. 14 slot.

* commercial success: 상업적 성공
* contend: (특히 언쟁 중에) 주장하다
* supremacy: 우위, 패권

Nov. 14 is Movie, Cookie, Baby’s Breath, Orange and Letter Day

Jan. 14 is Diary Day, when lovers gift each other diaries to record their daily events for the year that has newly begun.

Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day, understood in Korea as a day when women give chocolate to their lovers or male associates.

March 14 is White Day, a day for men to give candy to their lovers or female associates.

April 14 is Black Day, when the romantically unattached console themselves and their lonely existence with black jjajangmyeon noodles.

* unattached: 사귀는 사람이 없는
* console: 위로하다