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5 suggestions for Nov. 14

In Korea, where capitalism is tantamount to religion, every 14th of the month is another chance for companies to hawk their wares -- with a special theme to justify it.

The corporate trend likely stems from the commercial success of Valentine’s Day, which comes every Feb. 14. At least five different themes are contending for supremacy of the Nov. 14 slot.

The five ways to enjoy the 14th of November:

1. Movie Day -- for lovers to watch films of an, ahem, “adult theme” together

2. Cookie Day -- to give cookies to friends and lovers alike

3. Baby’s Breath Day -- to give a flower bouquet to the person one most adores 

(Instagram @ellie__el)
(Instagram @ellie__el)

4. Orange Day -- to either consume the fruit or drink its juice with a special someone 

5. Letter Day -- to pen a handwritten letter to that special someone

To be sure readers aren’t caught unawares on future 14ths, following is a list of the respective pseudo-holidays.

Jan. 14 is Diary Day, when lovers gift each other diaries to record their daily events for the year that has newly begun.
Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day, understood in Korea as a day when women give chocolate to their lovers or male associates.
March 14 is White Day, a day for men to give candy to their lovers or female associates.
April 14 is Black Day, when the romantically unattached console themselves and their lonely existence with black jjajangmyeon noodles.
May 14 is Rose Day, where people exchange roses.
June 14 is Kiss Day, another day for sweethearts to showcase their feelings with a big peck.
July 14 is Silver Day, for lovers to exchange silver rings.
Aug. 14 is Green Day, a lovely day for a stroll through the forest or in the mountains.
Sept. 14 is Photo Day, another good excuse to take a selfie with the one you love.
Oct. 14 is Wine Day, a day to imbibe for the hearty wine drinkers.
Nov. 14 is Movie, Cookie, Baby’s Breath, Orange and Letter Day -- a busy one indeed.
Dec. 14 is Hug Day, a day when everyone deserves a good squeeze.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (