Court issues warning to judge fined in Guam for leaving children alone in car

By Yonhap
  • Published : Nov 10, 2017 - 16:20
  • Updated : Nov 10, 2017 - 16:20

SUWON -- The Suwon District Court said Friday it issued an oral warning to one of its judges after she was arrested in the US territory of Guam for leaving her children in a car unattended while she and her husband shopped.

The 35-year-old judge, identified only by her surname Sul, and her lawyer husband were arrested on charges of child abuse last month after they left their two children, a six-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl, in their car while they stopped at a Kmart grocery store.

They were released after each paid a $500 fine.


The case sparked public criticism of the couple and the court has considered what disciplinary measure should be given her.

According to the related law, courts can punish judges with suspension, reduction in salaries and other disciplinary measures if they violate or neglect their duties, engage in demeaning acts or hurt a court's prestige.

But after about a month internal inspection, the court decided to issue a verbal warning.

"Judge Sul's act is not subject to punishment under the domestic law, and the child abuse charges were dropped and the time the children were left alone was less than 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes originally known. We took these into consideration," a court official said.

"But as it's true that she caused trouble and caused concern to the people with an indiscreet act, we issued a stern warning," the official said. (Yonhap)