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[팟캐스트](219) 한-중 정상회담 계획, 송송커플 결혼

행자: 임정요, Anita McKay

1. Seoul, Beijing to work on improving ties, hold summit in Vietnam

기사요약: 미국 THAAD 고고도 미사일 시스템을 배치한 이후로 긴장되어 있던 한-중 관계가 완화되는 조짐이다. 한국의 문재인 대통령과 중국의 시진핑 주석은 10∼11일 베트남 다낭에서 열리는 아시아태평양경제협의체(APEC) 정상회의 때 시진핑(習近平) 중국 국가주석과 두 번째 양자 정상회담을 한다.

[1] The South Korean and Chinese presidents will hold a bilateral summit on the sidelines of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Da Nang, Vietnam next week, Seoul announced Tuesday.

*bilateral summit: 양자회담
*on the sidelines of: ~와는 별도로, 옆에서

[2] Nam Gwan-pyo, a deputy chief of the National Security Council, said that the two sides agreed to the summit meeting, which could be the first step in normalizing the two countries’ fraught relations. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is scheduled to attend the forum on Nov. 10 and 11.

*normalize: 정상화하다
*fraught relations: 위험/어려움/문제투성이인 관계

[3] “This agreement is the first step of the agreement to quickly bring exchange and cooperation in all areas back on track,” Nam said, referring to the Seoul-Beijing agreement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

*back on track: 다시 정상궤도에 들어서다
*refer to: ~에 대해 언급하다


2. Big day: Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo wed in private ceremony

기사요약: 드라마 ‘태양의 후예’로 뜨거운 인기를 끌었던 송중기-송혜교 커플이 백년가약을 맺었다. 이 결혼은 ‘세기의 결혼’이라며 해외 팬들의 큰 관심을 얻었다.

[1] Life imitated art as actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, who starred as romantic leads in the hit drama series “Descendants of the Sun,” married in a private ceremony in Seoul on Tuesday.

*lead: 주인공
*private: 개인적인, 사적인

[2] Drone camera photos taken by Chinese media outlets showed groom Song Joong-ki in a black tuxedo and bride Song Hye-kyo in a white dress with a squared neckline. The ceremony took place with some 300 invited guests, consisting of family and friends, amid strict security.

*strict: 엄격한, 삼엄한
*security: 보안

[4] The area around Song’s wedding venue, The Shilla Seoul’s Yeong Bin Gwan, a Korean-style banquet annex, was swarming with press and fans Tuesday afternoon. However, no press conference or photo op for the media took place. Security personnel guarded entrances to the annex from early Tuesday morning, while preparations were in full swing inside the annex courtyard for the outdoor ceremony.

*swarm: 떼, 무리지어 다니다
*photo op: 사진촬영
*annex: 부속건물, 별관