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Liberty Korea Party returns to parliamentary audit after boycott

The main opposition Liberty Korea Party returned to a parliamentary audit of the government on Monday, ending a two-day boycott in protest of what it called the government‘s attempts to tame the media by appointing “pro-government” personnel to a broadcasting authority.

The party boycotted sessions on Thursday and Friday after the Korea Communications Commission announced Thursday the replacements to fill two vacant seats on the nine-member board of the Foundation for Broadcast Culture. 


The parliamentary audit is to end Tuesday.

“For us to boycott the parliamentary audits was the smallest action we could take as an opposition party to express our sorrow (concerning the government’s decision),” the party’s floor leader Rep. Chung Woo-taik said. “People will understand why we had to take such actions when the government possibly replaces the chiefs of two public broadcasters.”

The FBC is the biggest shareholder of the public broadcaster Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. The conservative party, which was the ruling party in the previous government, has viewed the picks as the President Moon Jae-in administration attempting to “take over” the media.

The party said the government is seeking to replace MBC President Kim Jang-gyeom and FBC head Ko Young-joo, who came into office under the now jailed former President Park Geun-hye administration.

The return of the main opposition party comes amid public criticism of their neglect of duty. Important parliamentary events such as the annual budget settlement sessions are to begin in November.

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