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Professor probed for remarks on kidnapping women

A university in Busan has launched an investigation into reports that a professor had expressed intent to kidnap women and distribute anesthetics to students, according to a local media outlet Friday.

A university lecture room (Yonhap)
A university lecture room (Yonhap)

According to Dispatch, a student at the university made an anonymous Facebook post Thursday concerning the professors’ alarming comments detailing his experience with chloroform -- a drug used for anesthesia -- during a Wednesday lecture.

The student said the professor relayed to the class on Wednesday, “Boys, if you have any desires of kidnapping girls, feel free to find me. I have a whole carton full of the drug.”

The student made a follow-up post on Facebook highlighting the seriousness of the suggested crime. Following the student’s report, more than 700 Facebook commenters and university students denounced the professor and his comments.

Officials at the university are looking into the student’s report on Facebook due to the nature of the alleged comments, specifically an infringement of rights that may encourage one to commit a crime.