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Trump's latest tweet signals military options for N. Korea: aide

WASHINGTON -- US President Donald Trump was clearly referring to military options when he said "only one thing will work" to end North Korea's nuclear program, an aide said Sunday.

Trump tweeted Saturday that agreements and negotiations have only made fools of US negotiators. He also said, without elaborating, that "only one thing will work."
"I think what the president is clearly telegraphing, and this should not be news to anybody, is that military options are on the table with North Korea.  They absolutely are," said Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, in an interview on NBC.

Tensions have escalated in the wake of North Korea's repeated ballistic missile launches and sixth nuclear test last month.

Trump remarked last week that the current period may be the "calm before the storm." That triggered speculation of a possible military strike on North Korea, among other actions the president may have been foreshadowing. (Yonhap)