Renault’s New QM3 pays attention to details

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Sept 24, 2017 - 15:45
  • Updated : Sept 24, 2017 - 15:46
Subtle yet sophisticated upgrades in design and closer attention to detail will continue to set Renault Samsung’s New QM3 apart from other small sports utility vehicles, the company said.

The South Korean unit of French carmaker Renault had launched the revamped QM3 in July this year in hopes of continuing its QM3 popularity since 2013.

Renault Samsung's New QM3 (Renault Samsung)

The New QM3 comes with a unique interior with upgraded details, according to the company. Eco-friendly thermoplastic olefin has been used for the dashboard that usually sets the tone of the inside with high durability from direct sunlight or high temperatures, compared to the rivals’ plastic surface, the company explained.

The steering wheel, with the most direct contact with the driver, was designed with premium Nappa leather, while various buttons are finished with paint with high elasticity.

For enhanced efficiency, the New QM3 is the only one out of the same segment to apply a sliding bench seat for the back seats, meaning the trunk has up to 455 liters of space when the seats are pushed forward, larger by 78 liters than the previous model.

On the exterior, its headlights are fully light-emitting diodes, and its daytime running lights come in Renault’s signature C-shaped design.

A dual-clutch automatic 1.5 diesel engine sourced from transmission specialist Getrag offers mileage of 17.3 kilometers per liter. The vehicle can consume less if driving on eco-mode, which is designed to save up to 10 percent of fuel.

“The core of Renault Samsung’s New QM3 is to maximize a customer’s satisfaction by upgrading the details. Such subtle yet sincere upgrades that fit the needs of the consumers will give higher presence and satisfaction that can outshine elaborate changes,” said a company official. (