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Nine out of 10 Koreans live in cities

Nine out of 10 South Koreans lived in cities that accounted for only 17 percent of the overall national territory last year, the transport ministry said Tuesday.

In 2016, 47.47 million people, or 91.8 percent, of the country's total population of 51.7 million resided in Seoul and other cities, according to data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. 


Areas categorized as cities stood at 17,609.5 square meters, or 16.6 percent, of the overall territory measured at 106,059.8 square meters last year, the statement said.

The ratio of city residents continued to rise in the past decades as people moved to cities for better education and job opportunities. It jumped from 39 percent in 1960, to 50 percent in 1970, 70 percent in 1980, 80 percent in 1990 and 90 percent in 2000, it said.  (Yonhap)