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Incheon Bridge toll rates lowered to reduce burden for users

The toll for cars using the Incheon Bridge that services South Korea's main air transportation terminal has been lowered as of midnight, which will reduce the burden for users, the government said Tuesday.

The transportation ministry said that the toll for regular passenger cars over the bridge has been reduced from 6,200 won ($5.40) to 5,500 won. For small city cars that generally pay lower tolls on highways, the rates have been set at 2,750 won, down from 3,100 won. Rates have also been lowered for large vehicles as well, the ministry said. 

The bridge is one of two connecting Incheon International Airport on Yeongjong Island in Gyeonggi Bay with the mainland. It is some 60 kilometers west of Seoul.

"Negotiations with the private company that built the bridge have been ongoing since 2013 with an understanding being recently reached," an official said.

It said local lenders have agreed to lower interest rates on loans that have been used by the builder making it possible to adjust the toll fees.

"The change will affect all users with those living on Yeongjong to benefit the most," he said.

The changes, moreover, eases the burden for Incheon City that has been subsidizing part of the toll for those living on the island who have no choice but to use Incheon or Yeongjong bridges. (Yonhap)