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Korean workers earn average W3.29m monthly in 2015

South Korean employees were paid an average 3.29 million won ($2,885) per month in 2015, with male workers earning 1.7 times more than their female colleagues, government data showed Thursday.

According to the data by Statistics Korea, the median monthly wage of South Korea's employees was 2.41 million won.

The statistics agency said the data is based on a survey of 15 million workers hired by local businesses, but some 9 million self-employed people and part-timers were excluded from the list.

The data also showed that the income disparity between men and women could be clearly seen in South Korea.

The average income of male workers reached 3.9 million won in 2015, and their median wage was 3 million won, while female employees received 2.36 million won per month, with a median income of 1.79 million won.

Some 12.3 percent of male workers earned 6.5 million won every month, while only 3 percent of women received the same payroll.

Meanwhile, 6.6 percent of women were paid 850,000 won or less per month, but only 2.4 percent of men were in the lowest income group. (Yonhap)